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Anti-Oxidizing Detoxifying Alkalizing Hydrating - there's more to H2O than H2O .........Contact Ionic for healthy water

*Anti-Oxidizing - The properties of Kangen antioxidizing water will keep your body healthy, neutralizing the acidic condition of your body, making it more alkaline.

*Detoxifying - Kangen water that we will soon sell will detoxify your body. It's a well-known fact that a polluted colon can incite a myriad of diseases.

*Alkalizing - Unhealthy foods, dehydration, pollution, and stress all contribute to increased acidity in your body, which creates an imbalance with your body's acid alkaline system.

This can lead to a poor immune system, obesity, and pre-mature aging. The cells that make up our bodies are supposed to be naturally alkaline,

but outside factors like those mentioned above are constantly at war with your body's attempt to maintain a balanced pH level.

*Hydrating - Any type of water can quench your thirst, but only Kangen WaterŪ can offer you an optimized level of hydration. This is accomplished

by the Kangen WaterŪ machine's ability to minimize the size of water molecule clusters so that they can be better absorbed into the body.

Start the new year off right - start off drinking the healthiest water in the world

- in 2011 you can celebrate the new year with Ionic water 9.5pH @ -300 ORP antioxidant.

Our Ionic water is made by the Kangen water purifier invented by the Japanese and is used in Japanese hospitals!

Have you noticed that the Japanese live smart? They're healthier and live longer.

Ionic water will change your life. Feel better and look younger and live longer!

The Kangen purifier also creates acidic and super acidic water. Ionic Technology sells acidic water = 2.0 to 6.9pH

Washing your face several times daily with acidic water (5.5pH) will tighten your epidermis - make you look younger!

This could be the most important information you've ever read about your water and your health.

The water coming from your tap isn't always as clean or healthy as you hope.

It's up to you to have the healthiest water available for you, your family, and your guests.

No, don't smile and reach for the bottled water in the fridge!

Bottled water isn't always better than tap water!

This site will soon sell the healthiest water you can find on the planet.

"You are what you drink" is the most important health rule you should never forget.

10 pints of blood course through the human body. 80% of your blood is water!

The most important job for all the organs in your body is to keep your blood healthy.

Your blood delivers healthy oxygen to the cells of your body and on the next beat takes the

carbon dioxide 'waste' back to your lungs for exhaling. Healthy water gives you healthy blood

which helps your blood keep your body healthy and full of energy. Your electrolytes depend on

your blood water. Feeling good depends on your electrolytes. A good metabolism

depends on these physiological facts. And if you want to look younger by taking a shower read below.

The healthiest water for human consumption is 9.5pH @ -300 ORP

- this water tastes wonderful and will alkaline your body and help reduce risk of

diabetes or cancer or other maladies or symptoms that challenge your body's immune system.

An important fact: Reverse osmosis which is what most bottled water comes from does not give you healthy water -

it gives you 'wet' H2O and that's it.

This site offers IONIZED water that delivers the healthiest water possible.

Healthy water for consumption should be distributed in blue containers to protect minerals

from the UV rays of the sun. Clear bottles are not capable of protecting healthy drinking water.

If you have comments or you are in a big hurry to buy the healthiest water contact us:

Healthiest Water email

Drink the healthiest water! 9.5pH and -300 ORP - read on and learn more facts that will amaze you.

LOOK YOUNGER! And healthier!

Acidic water has it's advantages.

Don't drink it, bathe in it! The epidermis LOVES acidic water!

Thousands of tourists flock to the Dead Sea and soak and bathe. It's like the fountain of youth!

Are you 70 and want to look 60, 60 and want to look 50, 50 and want to look 40?

Look no further. We sell the healthiest drinking water to improve your immune system

and we have acidic water that makes the epidermis healthy - and helps you look younger.



Fact: Water is H2O ----- 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen

Do you know what elements are in your tap water? What is the pH and the ORP (oxygen reduction potential)?

ORP is the antioxidant. Yes, water has anitoxidant and other great healthy feathures such as calcium


Typical tap water contains:

Chlorine Fluorine compounds

Trihalomethanes (THMs)

Salts of: arsenic * radium * aluminium * copper * lead * mercury * cadmium * barium

# Hormones # Nitrates Pesticides # WATER! Read more:


Do you know what's in the bottled water your drink everyday?

Fact: The earth is 80% water

Fact: Your body is 80% water

Fact: Your blood is 80% water

Fact: You are what you drink

Healthy water is at least 7.2 pH and -300 ORP (ORP complements your electrolytes).

Tap water has an ORP of around +400 - the opposite of your electrolyte.

Water in the Dead Sea is 3.5 pH - very acidic.

Soda pop is 3.5 pH - very acidic.

Place a slab of bacon in a bowl of soda pop and in two days the bacon will have dissolved. Imagine what constant daily amounts do to your body.

You can clean your corroded battery terminals with soda pop or bacon soda and water - the green corrossion will fizzle and bubble and dissolve.



Healthy topics

EAT healthy

THINK healthy - depressed or suffering bipolar or any other issues that keep you from feeling 100% - you can be healthy.

Reading short stories and novels is healthy for your brain functions