Depression / Validation

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Lie to me


Guilt trips



Truth is stranger than fiction.

You have secrets - love affair or money problems - and need someone to share them with.

Minor Medium Serious

What am I going to do? Should I tell my wife/husband?

Holidays are a hard time of the year to deal with any conflict or emotion.

I think my boyfriend is lying to me. I think he's cheating.

I hate my job. I'm angry and I yell at my friends.

I'm taking a trip to Europe but there's a conflict;

I'm adding a room onto my house but there's a conflict.

I sleep all the time and have no appetite.

I want to buy an expensive painting but there's a problem. I want a new car but there's a conflict.

I have plenty of money but I'm behind on my bills. I bought a ticket to Aruba but I cleaned house instead and missed the flight for no reason.

My brother/sister is begging to borrow money.

He hardly looks at me anymore. He complains that I'm fat.

I'm do I tell my family and friends?

My boss is flirting with me. How can I respond and keep my job?

Sometimes I go on binges - food or alcohol. I have an addiction. I gamble.

My son/daughter is dealing with drugs, etc... What should I do?










I think someone is watching me; following me.

A counselor told me I was paranoid schizophrenic. No way! I'm a CEO; a cop; a security officer.

I think I was abused in my childhood.

I'm having very weird thoughts; I don't act on them but I scare myself; sometimes I carry a gun when I drive the freeway.










You may have SAD - seasonal affective disorder - sad at the same time every year. It could be a lack of sunlight, loss of a loved one, or uncontrollable sentimental emotions during holidays.

Extreme mood or emotional disorders can often be attributed to genetics. But that's not a free ticket to be asocial or dangerous to yourself or society, just as knowing that some alcohol is good for you doesn't mean being an alcoholic is better for you and the world needs to accept/cope with it - extreme rationalization. You still need to learn to cope and become socially acceptable. Bi-polar disorder or manic depressive is one of the most prevalent disorders in society and no one thing can usually be blamed for the sickness.

You don't always need a shrink - just a confidant, someone who will really listen and who will tell you not only what you might want to hear - but what you should hear.

Your problems are like laundry...needing aired out...your solution is to talk them out.

"Lie to me" is like House (tv doctor) and discovery - you have someone with a real ear and honest feedback. for one free consultů and use Paypal if you like what you hear - $15 for 15 minutes / $60 for 60 minutes IM - yahoo or msn


Healthy Links

Live healthy with a solar kitchen - lots of sun for Vitamin D - helps alleviate depression.

Live healthy: Drink the healthiest water on the planet - 9.5 pH and -300 ORP (antioxidant)

Read novels for fun.